S’mOreos and Brown Trouts

Since a road trip should generate at least two blog posts’ worth of content, I present our Family Quote Board – phrases uttered during our camping adventure.


Ok I’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to freak out.

We will call them S’mOreos.  They will be awesome.

If you drive faster than 50, I’m going to have a panic attack and that will scare the children.

This meat is like gum but with horrible flavor.

Him: relax.  Me: I’m trying but you won’t let me.

Him: (talking about a log in the fire) It stayed hot for a really long time.  Me: I want that on my tombstone.

Promise not to throw up?  Ok, I’ll get the second bag of marshmallows.

I don’t think the health department would approve…

I have to release a brown trout.

I just want a hot shower and a salad.

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