Playing Hooky

Playing Hooky: to be absent from school without an excuse

I love family adventures.  But I hate spontaneous family adventures.  I’m a planner.  I like to charge my camera battery, write notes to teachers and pack snacks, sweatshirts and dry socks.   I even make road trip mixes so we have a soundtrack for our shenanigans.

So when my husband called Friday morning, suggesting I spring the kids from school and meet him in the city so we could catch the Blue Angels, I had a succinct reply:  “Um, no.”  It would be too disruptive for the kids’ teachers, too hard to coordinate the details, and besides, my hair was still wet from my morning swim.  No.

I’m glad he persisted.  I’m also glad he didn’t call me a buzzkill or drop a YOLO in his effort to convince me to loosen my grip a little.  I don’t remember what exactly made me acquiesce, but aside from the awkwardness  of barreling into the school office and announcing I need my kids, the day was picture perfect.

Although I do wish I had a chance to make the road trip mix — imagine all the songs from Top Gun I could have used!

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