Sorry Kids, This Election is the Worst

Dear Kids,

The adults of this country owe you an apology. We need to take responsibility for this toxic election, starting at the top with the candidates and continuing down to the way the citizens of our country speak to one another. We failed you.

Specifically, we’re sorry…

  • For creating a culture so tied to our phones that political statements are reduced to tweets and memes. Our electorate seems to no longer be capable of diving into the issues and reading anything more detailed than a simple headline.
  • For living in a world where our political news comes mostly from social media. We surround ourselves with people who look like us and think like us, so we end up being spoonfed news that only confirms our beliefs. We’ve become unwilling and perhaps incapable of considering the opinions of the other side.
  • For introducing new words into your vocabulary, starting with the relatively innocuous “bigly” and “deplorables” but then quickly devolving to “rapists” and “pussy.” And don’t get me started on how awful it is to try and explain Weiner with a capital W.
  • For ruining Skittles and Tic Tacs. For exposing you to a discussion about small hands and everything that it implies. And for needing to explain interns and affairs and impeachment.

I hope that, despite all the noise, you’ve been able to realize this election poses some big issues that don’t have easy answers.

You know how at the dinner table we can discuss a topic like immigration or taxes or gun control and take you down a path that leads you to one opinion – but then we start asking questions that get you thinking and perhaps changing your stance? It’s hard, right? But it’s also interesting and important and what our country so badly needs to do right now.

You are thoughtful kids with great ideas, and we know your friends are too. At this point, I just hope the election has taught you how important it is to be informed, ask questions and truly listen. I also hope you’ve learned how ugly and ineffective name-calling, insults and gross generalizations are.

Like we always tell you after you’ve made a mistake: learn from this experience and don’t repeat it. The adults of this country have made a huge mistake this election. Let’s hope we learn from it and do better next time.