If I was Jimmy Fallon…

Who’s the WD-40 for your family’s wheels?

Jimmy Fallon’s thank you note segment on Fridays is always good for a laugh.  In that vein, I’d like to try one:

Thank you, Ann Romney, for giving me the chance to sigh loudly — repeatedly — last night.  It cracked me up every time.  My husband chuckled the first few times and then just rolled his eyes.

In case you missed it, here’s what she said: “If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the women sighing a little bit more than the men.  It’s how it is, isn’t it?  It’s the moms who always have to work a little harder, to make everything right.”

I call it being the family WD-40 — the behind the scenes wheel-greasing that happens to ensure things run smoothly.  I also think that dads are perfectly capable of playing this role if we’re willing to let them do things their own way.  Frequently, this means not freaking out when the gift for the birthday party that starts in 10 minutes gets wrapped in newspaper comics instead of proper wrapping paper.

Regardless of who the WD-40 is in your house, I highly recommend all you ladies out there try the big loud sigh tonight.  And let dad think about the birthday party this weekend.